- Asian reflexology - by female massager
  Thailand style massage ¥4,000/40min. ¥6,000/60min. ¥9,000/90min. ¥12,000/120min.
  Oil massage ¥7,000/60min. ¥10,000/90min. ¥13,000/120min.
  Foot massage ¥4,500/40min. ¥6,500/60min.
  Maternity massage (only for 5 months’ pregnant lady) ¥4,000/40min. ¥6,000/60min.

 - Aroma beauty treatment - (only for lady) by female therapist
  Full body treatment ¥6,000/60min. ¥9,000/90min.
  Back treatment ¥4,000/40min.
  Leg treatment ¥4,000/40min.
  Hand treatment ¥2,000/20min.
  Head treatment ¥3,000/30min.

  - Massage - by male massager
   Full body massage ¥4,000/40min. ¥6,000/60min.

  Reservation is required. Please let us know about the date and menu before visiting us.
Aroma beauty treatment is only for lady.
The price is not included TAX.

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